One-page shopping and checkout

Customers select the desired products, place them in the shopping cart, fill out the predefined form fields with their contact details and proceed to pay - all on one page.

User-friendly account

A few clicks are needed to adjust the content of your One Page Shop, Paylinks or Virtual POS. Also, Payrexx account provides a simple overview of all transactions.

Custom design

Design of every payment tool is fully customizable with corporate logo, colors and fonts, whether it is a Virtual POS, Paylink or One Page Shop.

Worldwide payment methods

Accept all major payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, Amex, PayPal and more. Your customers will have no excuse not to buy.

Search engine optimized

Thanks to Google search engine optimization Payrexx One Page Shop will end up high in the Google search rankings.

Mobile selling

Payrexx payment tools such as One Page Shop, Paylink and Virtual POS automatically adapt to the user's device. Shopping and payment experience will always be convenient for your customers.

Marketing functions

Sell more and enlarge your customer base


Google Analytics

Connect Google Analytics with your Payrexx account. This provides you with all relevant information about your customers.

Facebook pixel

Use Facebook pixel to track customers on your Payrexx tools. You only need to copy and paste a small amount of code.

Discount vouchers

Create discount coupons with a fixed amount or on percentage basis. During the checkout, your customers can then easily enter the code to apply the discount.

Social media selling

Share your Payrexx tools by linking your products on social media, allowing your customers to purchase directly from Facebook or other social media profiles.

Email marketing

Send paylinks to your customers by email either automatically or manually. Decide when you would like to remind your customers to purchase your products or services.


Create several One Page Shops with exclusive products and share them with your best and most loyal customers.

Payment options

Integrate worldwide leading payment service providers so that customers all around the world are able to pay!


Payrexx Payments & PayPal

Payrexx Payments and PayPal are automatically activated which allows you to immediately receive payments by popular credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express as well as Paypal wallet.

Credit & debit cards

Currently more than 20 worldwide payment providers are available to accept credit and debit cards. Activate and combine payment providers that offer the best conditions for you!

Alternative payment methods

Payments by bank transfer, mobile QR code, digital currencies, manual billing and many more can be activated within Payrexx account with 1 click.

Payments in USD, EUR, GBP and JPY

Accept payments in 4 most used currencies by activating Payrexx Payments. Customers will appreciate the diverse choice of currencies

Activate any currency worldwide

In addition to the four main currencies, you can activate any currency worldwide after choosing a suitable payment provider.

Real-time feedback

Receive immediate feedback regarding processed transactions in your Payrexx account.

Sharing & integration options

Sharing and integration of the payment tools completed in just a few clicks!



Copy the link of a One Page Shop, Virtual POS or Paylink tools and share it on social media, send by email, SMS, or simply link to your website.


Integrate a donation or a payment button directly onto your website by copying and pasting HTML code automatically generated in your Payrexx account.


Embed the Payrexx payment tool directly into your website so that the customer can remain on the same page. Alternatively, payment tool can be opened in a  new window.

API interface

From the customer acquisition to the first payment, all relevant steps can be tracked by your own software and processed with Payrexx. See the API documentation to find out more.


Webhooks are used for communication between applications and enable real-time transmission of all incoming transactions.


The REST API provides you with a maximized flexibility in implementing your own payment and synchronization of applications (automatic import / export).


Your security is our top priority!



As an additional security measure, a six-digit code is required for the administration and configuration of the payment service provider sent by SMS to a verified number.

SSL encryption

Maximum data security with encrypted data input. Security requirements according to PCI DSS, 3-D Secure, 256-bit SSL encryption. Encrypted data input also happens in the Payrexx account.

Secure server

Swiss company with data storage location in Switzerland. High level of security - the data centers are certified according to the internationally recognized standard for information security ISO 27001.